New Service

Home visit appointments available 

(15 mile radius of Hungerford RG17)

Online Coaching 

£10:00  Per Month

This is a facility you can input your food diary, gain access to exercise programs, diet plans and much much more

You also have access to a food scanner so you can upload the barcodes on the food that you buy

Download apps onto your mobile or tablet (but please make sure you input your food intake onto the portal)

Set yourself challenges and exercises

Track your nutrient intake that is visually easy to understand

Joanne can track your progress

Send you private messages of suggestions and encouragement from time to time

Gives you flexibility and still keeps your weight loss with Big Fish Little Fish personal to you.

Please make sure you email with your name after you have signed up

Ad-hoc One to One Sessions 

60 Minutes  £40:00

Preferably after a 90 minute session to establish motivation, barriers and goals but if you prefer not to that’s fine

Just make an appointment and come along

Please fill out a food diary prior to the session

Weight and Measures

BMI and BMR calculations  (it’s not scary)

Advice, targets and goal setting

Could possibly go straight onto on-line coaching

A summary report of the session either emailed or posted to you

One to One consultation

90 Minutes  £60.00

Prior to the visit I will ask you  to fill out a food diary that you can do either by hand or the online Big Fish Little Fish Nutrition and Weight Management coaching portal

Weight and measures

BMI and BMR calculations

Find the calories right for you

Online facilities free for 1 month

We will talk about your motivation to lose weight

Find solutions to barriers to your weight loss

We discover what your goals are  and prioritise

Set goals

You will have FREE online facilities for a month

We will then decide if continuing one to one, group sessions or online coaching is for you

8 Week One to One course

8 Weeks  £250.00

Commit to 8 appointments and receive a massive saving of £90.00

Free Gift

A fabulous way to gain momentum towards making long term wiser choices for your nutrition and weight management

As with all services, this course is bespoke to you and your needs

First Appointment is one and half hours

Seven one hour appointments thereafter

All the benefits of the other services all rolled up into one

Measurements in week 1, 4 and 8

Weights and measures are tracked

Personal reflection and goal setting

  FREE online coaching facility for the duration of the course and the month following

Payment for full course paid on first visit