We offer a new and flexible service to help you manage your weight and achieve your dream goals that is all about you and your individual needs.

Can you say yes to any of the following?

  • Wobbly and generally fat?
  • Have you been told by a health professional to lose weight?
  • Do you ache in the mornings when you get up?
  • Are you worried about long health effects your weight might have like diabetes, cancer, heart disease?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Are you getting unsubtle hints about your size?
  • Can’t get the outfit you want due to your size?
  • Need to lose weight for a special occasion?
  • Feeling unfeminine? Unmasculine? Unattractive?

Then Big Fish Little Fish Nutrition and Weight Transformation have an array of services you can pick 'n' mix to suit your budget and lifestyle to help you along your way with Joanne not far behind with a helping hand

At Big Fish Little Fish Nutrition and Weight Transformation, the service, is all about you. 

I will help you find the reasons to do rather than the reasons  not to do and we will work together to make it happen.

I am now offering home visits

There are some evening and weekend appointments still available

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"Having lost 5 1/2 stones myself, I totally ‘get’ what it is like, I totally understand the barriers you may come across to prevent you from taking the plunge and I completely understand that the thought of weight management can be very overwhelming. But honestly, once you get started and you find your momentum it is not half as bad as you may think"
Why not start but seeing what your BMI is and whether you need to take little steps to big changes to a healthier you?

Joanne Baker 



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